Fast-growing Accommodation and Food Services industry - more jobs over the next 5 years

POSTED: 14th Feb

The future of Australian jobs is strong, with the number of workers in most industries expected to g...

$1.2 billion Hummock Hill Island tourism project approved - 700 ongoing operational jobs

POSTED: 25th Nov

Queensland's independent Coordinator-General has approved a $1.2 billion tourism project on Hummock ...

The small bars breathing new life and jobs into Sydney's lockout zone

POSTED: 2nd Nov

Sydney's small bar scene shakes off lockout law limbo, as Harbour City looks to revitalise nightlife...

International Visitors Survey highlights Tourism as Economic and Jobs Powerhouse

POSTED: 12th Aug

The latest International Visitors Survey for year ending March 2018 reflects an impressive...

VTIC launches Tourism is Victoria’s Business Election campaign

POSTED: 19th Apr

The Victoria Tourism Industry Council (VTIC) today launched its election campaign, Tourism is V...

Call to boost tourism funding as sector prepares to leapfrog manufacturing jobs

POSTED: 12th Apr

Australia's tourism industry is set to overtake manufacturing in terms of the number of jobs created...

How to make Australian hospitality careers attractive again

POSTED: 19th Mar

The hospitality and tourism sector has been listed as one of five "super growth" industries in Austr...

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