WA tourism boom expected as new flights take off in 2020

Posted: 16th Jan

Over the past year nearly 500,000 new seats have been announced from international markets, with Perth Airport predicting WA was on the cusp of a tourism boom in 2020.

Many of the new flights are coming from Asian markets including All Nippon Airways Tokyo to Perth flight, the China Eastern Airlines direct seasonal trial flight to Shanghai that starts this week; and the Philippine Airlines direct Manila flight starting in March.

Perth Airport chief executive Kevin Brown said research suggested one daily international direct flight had the potential to deliver an additional $70 million to the state and more than 600 new jobs.

"If you grow the number of visitors to WA, the flow-on benefits for tourism operators, hotels, hospitality and retail outlets could be enormous," he said.

"We have already seen the dividends from the work that the state government has done with international marketing campaigns with WA seeing a growth in visitor numbers from seven markets in which Tourism WA is active in, including Singapore (+7.6 per cent), China (+11.3 per cent), Indonesia (+7.4 per cent), India (+11.1 per cent), Japan (+5.6 per cent) and Hong Kong (+17.9 per cent).

"We’re in a great spot now where momentum is building behind Perth as an international destination."

The latest WA tourism stats suggest nearly one million international tourists visited WA in June 2019 but their spend has stagnated at about $2.2 billion.

On the other hand, domestic tourism has been on an upward trend for about five years with the June 2019 stats suggesting 1.8 million tourists came from eastern states and spent $1.76 billion.

Tourism Minister Paul Papalia is currently leading a WA delegation in China with China Eastern Airlines to discuss making the Shanghai Perth trial flights an ongoing service.

“It is great news that in 2020 we are welcoming new seats into Perth and if we are successful in securing a regular service between Shanghai and Perth, that number will grow even further," he said.

Source: WA Today - https://www.watoday.com.au/national/western-australia/wa-tourism-boom-expected-as-new-flights-take-off-in-2020-20200113-p53r06.html