Food Services Supervisor


South Townsville, QLD

Posted 1/14/2021

Townsville Correctional Complex; Custodial Operations; Custodial Operations; Statewide Operations; Stuart, Townsville

The Food Services Supervisor is responsible for coordinating the operations of the correctional centre’s food services function and for ensuring an efficient and cost effective service delivery.

In this role you will:
- Ensure the implementation and ongoing review of managerial and technical procedures.
- Facilitate the efficient and coordinated operations of the centre's food services.
- Initiate and undertake quality assurance programs.
- Ensure the highest standards of food quality are maintained.
- Oversee the maintenance of all kitchens and where applicable, other industry equipment, to ensure that it is maintained in maximum operating order.
- Provide advice to the centre's management on all matters pertaining to the food services function.
- Supervise the operations of catering staff and other relevant trade instructors where applicable.
- Ensure the food services function is performed in accordance with appropriate hygiene and quality standards.
- Liaise with programs staff regarding the work training opportunities available to inmates.
- Oversee the supervision of inmates assigned to the food services function.
- Be responsible for the procurement, receipt, issue, custody and maintenance of all food supplies.
- Ensure that efficient storage practices are being utilised.
- Maintain accurate stock control system and minimise wastage.
- Liaise with external suppliers and negotiate contracts in order to achieve the most cost effective purchase of food supplies.
- Ensure that all goods are obtained in accordance with relevant purchasing guidelines.
- Formulate budget submissions for the food services function.
- Monitor and control expenditure to ensure that the cost centre remains within its allocated budget.
- Develop and plan menus, including special needs diets.

Applications to remain current for 12 months.

Job Ad Reference Number: QLD/361495/21

Closing Date: Thursday, 28 January 2021

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